Summer 2019 we have two stallions at Lækjamót II covering mares.


Styrkur frá Leysingjastöðum II  IS2014156308, breeder Hreinn Magnússon, owners Vigdís Gunnarsdóttir and Hreinn Magnússon. Styrkur is a beautiful four gated black stallion, son of Framtíð frá Leysingjastöðum II who is a first prize Orri daughter and Gandálfur frá Selfossi. 

Head 9 Attractive - Good ear position
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 9 Well raised - Long - Supple
Back and Croup 8  
Proportions 9 Long legs - Cylindrical body
Legs 8 Correct limbs
Joints 8 Forelegs: Narrow
Hind legs: Straight
Hooves 8.5 Thick hornmaterial
Mane and Tail 9.5  
Conformation 8.64  
Ridden abilities
Tölt 8.5 High action - Long strides
Trot 8.5 Long strides - High action
Pace 5  
Gallop 9 Good speed - Good extension - High action
Spirit 8.5 Eager, enthusiastic
General impression 8.5 Full of expression - Big movements
Walk 8.5 Roomy, long strides
Rideability 7.95  
Slow tölt 8  
Canter 9  
Total 8.23




Freyðir frá Leysingjastöðum II  IS2005156304, breeder Hreinn Magnússon, owner Jane George. Freyðir is a son of the mother and grandmother of many excellent horses, Dekkja frá Leysingjastöðum II and Sær frá Bakkakoti. 

Freyðir and Guðmar Líndal came Icelandic champions in four gate 2019. 


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